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Animal Identification

Proper identification of your livestock is an essential part of farming. We have a fantastic selection of professional equipment to help you do just that! We have many sizes of tattoo equipment suitable for pigs, such as slappers and ink. We also have a portable RFID reader that is ideal for reading ear tags. We care about the health and happiness of your livestock, so we supply only top quality products. Whether you have a small-holding or a larger scale farming establishment, you are sure to find the right animal identification tools you need.

British regulations on animal identification have tightened over recent years following the foot and mouth and swine flu problems. Being able to trace an animal's origin and full history are essential to the welfare of herds throughout the country. This follows on to the food chain, so carcass identification is equally important, meaning pigs must be correctly marked with a herd number prior to slaughter.

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