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Animal Production and Animal Science Worldwide - WAAP 2007

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Author(s): Edited by: A. Rosati, A. Tewolde and C. Mosconi

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About The Book

  • This World Association for Animal Production (WAAP) Book of the Year series, now in its fourth volume, grows each year in its popularity. The authors are selected for their expertise in a specific field of the animal science. It is intended to constantly update animal scientists, industry representatives, animal breeders and extension service personnel with all the aspects considered relevant in each specific field of animal science. The book offers an updated and complete picture of the animal industry and of livestock science worldwide.
  • We maintain the book's successful four section structure for easy access to the information. The first section of the book deals with livestock industry and possible application of research developments in the various continents. The following section reports updates about development of research in the various disciplines in the entire animal science field. The third section contains interesting articles on 'free subjects', of broad interest. We were told by readers of the previous volumes that this is the most popular section for the variety of actual and interesting topics for readers. The final section shows, like every year, detailed statistics of extraordinary importance in the animal industry.
  • This book is generally recognized as one of the very few practical resources of comprehensive statistical information related to animal industry and it is considered by most important libraries to be a key instrument to offer their readers high-quality, updated relevant information on global animal science developments.

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Extent 264 pp
ISBN 978-90-8686-068-5
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Section 1 ? Development of livestock systems
  • Development of livestock production systems in Africa: challenges and opportunities - Siboniso Moyo, John McDermott, Mario Herrero, Jeanette van de Steeg, Steve Staal and Isabelle Baltenweck
  • Livestock systems in North America - David R. Ames
  • Development of production systems in South America: beef production in the southern cone and its impact on the global market - Arthur da Silva Mariante, Concepta McManus, Carlos Mezzadra, Gabriel Rovere and Kepler Euclides
  • A brief history of the Japanese Society of Animal Science (JSAS) and recent achievements published in the official journal of the JSAS - Eimei Sato, Fumiaki Yoshizawa, Osamu Kai, Kei Hanzawa, Masahiro Sato, Naomi Kashiwazaki, Fuminori Terada, Takeshi Yasue, Takeyuki Ozawa and Seiichi Koizumi
Section 2 ? Achievements of research
  • Achievement of research in the field of molecular genetics: recent molecular genetics achievements and unfolding applications to livestock - JosŠ Fernando Garcia, Marina Rufino Salinas Fortes, La‚rcio Ribeiro Porto-Neto and Paul John Boettcher
  • Achievements of research in reproduction sciences - Robert A. Cushman, Mark F. Allan and Larry A. Kuehn
  • Achievements of research in the field of animal growth and development - Jason M. Scheffler, David E. Gerrard, Shihuan Kuang and Alan L. Grant
  • Achievement of research in the field of immunology and endocrinology - Zhong-Zong Pan and Yili Zhong
  • Achievements of research in the field of lactation biology - Geoffrey E. Dahl, Bruno C. do Amaral, Jacob W. Bubolz and Sha Tao
  • Achievements of research in the field of milk-cheese products - Imelda A. Doolan and Martin G. Wilkinson
  • Achievements of research in the field of beef cattle - Jes£s Piedrafita
  • Achievements of research in the field of sheep and goats - Serge Landau, Elisha Gootwine and Ruth Braw-Tal
  • Achievements of research in the field of swine - Dana Pe.kovi.ova, Peter Demo, Marta Oravcova, Ivan Bahelka and Va.i.ek
  • Achievement of research in the field of camelids - Eduardo N. Frank
  • Achievements of research in the field of ostrich and rhea farming: health, disease and the importance of biosecurity in the ostrich farm - Marisa E. Sanchez and Clive A. Madeiros
  • Achievements of research in the field of rabbits - Carlos Miguel Becerril-Perez, Gabriela Gonzalez-Mariscal, Arturo Pro-Martinez, Albert Pages-Mante and Belinda Vallejo-Galland
  • Achievements of research in the field of fur animals - Nita Koskinen, Kirsi Kupsala and Teppo Rekil„
Section 3 ? Contemporary issues
  • Milk recording: its role, past, present and future - Frank Armitage
  • Animal farming and GIS service - St‚phane Joost and Abram Pointet
  • Productive achievement in commercial rhea breeding in Argentina - Marisa E. Sanchez, C.A. Fernandez, Mar¡a Angelina Chiappe Barbar  and Clive A. Madeiros
  • The existing level of uptake of molecular techniques in animal breeding - Gert J. Nieuwhof, Marco Winters and Santiago Avendano
  • Camelid breeding in the Andean region - Carlo Renieri and Marco Antonini
Section 4 ? Statistics
  • Chapter 1 ? Livestock population
  • Chapter 2 ? Livestock production
  • Chapter 3 ? Human population
  • Chapter 4 ? Animal food consumption per caput / per year