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Time for Red Cabbage

Think Winter think food! This is the season for red cabbage. This vibrant brassica adds colour to any plate. Interestingly the first description of red cabbage dates back to 1570 England, although it was introduced to all European countries by the Romans in the 14th Century. Enjoy slow cooked with apple, bacon and balsamic vinegar. Delicious!

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5m FarmSupplies.com Expert tip of the month

“With winter approaching its time to make sure that all water pipes are protected. Frozen water pipes means no water for livestock and potential costly repairs” - Dave Crutchley FAI Farms

Time for Winter Weather Predictions

Already UK newspapers have alerted us to the news we are due the “worst winter weather in decades”. However the Met Office confirmed that the science is not available to predict so far in advance, and although we are likely to see snow and freezing condition there is no scientific evidence for the prediction.

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5m FarmSupplies.com Time for Fencing

Whilst the trees are looking skeletal with their missing leaves it is the ideal time to think about fencing, whilst the foliage is missing. Winter is an ideal time for many outdoor tasks, such as the planting of new woods and hedgerows. So get outside and get your farm ready for Spring’s new growth.

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