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Not to be confused with the turnip, this seasonal root crop is part of the cabbage family. As luck would have it, you can consume the British swede until very late February, so make the most of this ball of goodness. Cut into chunks and either boil, roast or steam for the perfect side dish. Our favourite is the Root Vegetable Mash!

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Expert tip of the month

“If you aren’t already performance recording on farm why not start now. Whilst there are fancy tools to help you do this, a piece of cardboard and a pen can be just as effective. Whether it be grass growth, ewe performance at lambing time, daily live weight gain or animal behaviour - you can’t control what you don’t measure!”
- Charlotte Johnston, Royal Agricultural Society of England

Ploughing for Spring

We know that early ploughing is not always possible due to wet conditions, but ground that is ploughed from December onwards has a longer period to overwinter with frosts breaking down soul clods and reducing the need for further mechanical cultivation. And of course, sowing early can avoid the dreaded flit fly and optimise yield.

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Cereal Grains Need to Stay Dry

Whilst the purpose of agriculture is to provide planned food utilisation to the dependent world, it is storage of produce that makes this possible. Without storage, civilisation as we now appreciate it could never have developed. Cereal grains for example, need to be kept dry and free from pests so that bread can be produced fresh all year round. Interesting fact!

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