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Woodland Coppicing Continues

For those of you with woodland to manage you know the importance of the winter coppicing ritual. Others of you may not appreciate the benefits of allowing light to the woodland floor, where vigorous regrowth takes place producing sustainable supply timber for future generations. The fact is, a coppiced tree can live many times longer than if the tree had not been cut down at all!

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Expert tip of the month

“Consider moving animals from high ground before extreme weather arrives or at least make sure there is fodder ready on site. Water provision needs to be checked as well to make sure animals can survive if temporarily stranded.”

– Vet John Blackwell, President Elect of the British Veterinary Association (BVA)

A Prosperous Farming Future?

According to the Royal College of Pathologists disease in farm animals is likely to be undetected due to the government's closure of half its testing laboratories.  The AHVLA will close six of its 14 surveillance post-mortem centres next year and a further two the year after.  Dr Archie Prentice, President of the Royal College said ‘it is essential that any cost saving should not be at the expense of consumer safety, confidence in the livestock industry or animal welfare’.

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Biofuel to Replace Global Gasoline?

Analysis from Bloomsburg New Energy Finance found, if 17.5% of the agricultural waste available in eight regions is converted to next-generation ethanol, the amount of fuel generated could replace about half of global gasoline demand by 2030.. The waste from your farms can be harvested without affecting food supply or current land-use patterns!

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