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Livestock 2014

The Livestock event is taking place next week in Birmingham and our sister company 5mBooks.com will be in the Business Management zone at stand BM173. They will be selling livestock books at a special discounted rate for the show and you will be able to purchase on the stand. The books range from health & welfare, nutrition, management and signals, as well as veterinary hand books.

If you’re not at the show, you can still view the full range of agricultural books here

Expert tip of the month

CFE wants to help ensure pollinators are valued and managed
within farm businesses. By including CFE Voluntary Measures on fallow or unproductive land, you will benefit pollinators, as well as a range of other wildlife.Finding food and a home (sites for nesting and hibernation) is a challenge that faces all pollinators. Farming can provide these resources by taking-up relevant voluntary measures under the CFE.

Read the guide by the CFE about Pollinator management for your farm business by clicking here

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The Cosy Coop

The Summer Solstice occurred last week and before we know it, the Autumnal Equinox will take place where the days become shorter. Long days and increasing day lengths encourage egg production so make the most of these longer nights up until September. When the temperature starts to fall, we will see a decrease in egg production to its important to keep your hens in a cosy coop!

View our full range of poultry supplies here

Summer feeding of Koi

For good health and growth of Koi it is advisable to feed them a great deal of food in the summer as they are more active in warmer water and therefore burn more energy. Though, it is easy to overfeed them leading to poor water quality. By using an anti-microbial agent for your pond you are able to control the fish microbes.   

View our anti-microbial agent Virasure Koi

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