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Spring has Sprung

The March equinox, which marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, will be on March 20 in 2014. With the days getting lighter, chickens have started laying more eggs, flowers have started to blossom and the woodland floor springs to life. All is a sure sign that winter is now officially coming to a close.

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Expert Tip of the Month

“While March is a very busy time on dairy farms, it is important to continue to monitor your cash flow. There can be a lot of bills in the first quarter of the year, at a time when the milk cheques are small. Fertiliser is one of the two biggest costs on dairy farms – controlling the cost of fertiliser will help you manage cash” - Teagasc, www.teagasc.ie

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Season for Leeks

Like garlic and onion, leeks are a member of the allium family and play a pivotal role in cooking worldwide. Although referred to as the onion genus, they do have their own distinct flavour.  Enjoy your leeks by braising them in cider with savoy cabbage for five minutes. Why not add a bit of colour to this versatile and healthy side with some sliced carrots? Season and then serve immediately as an accompanying dish.

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Returning to the Fields

Good conditions herald the start of spring field operations. Muck spreading, fertilising and grass management is key at this time of the year. Grazed grass is by far the cheapest method to feeding cows, so it makes sense to manage your grass rotation.

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