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A Busy Time for Bees

Bees play an important part in the pollination of crops this month. With the population of bees at risk of extinction, the consequence impacts man at the highest levels on our food chain, posing an enormously grave threat to human survival. Since no other single animal species plays a more significant role in producing the fruits and vegetables that we humans commonly take for granted yet require near daily to stay alive.

Click here to view an introduction to Beekeeping and Honey

Expert tip of the month

"Vaccination against foot and mouth disease on beef cattle in Brazil is mandatory for most states. Every farm must do it on the specific month for each region of the country. May  and November are the most common months.  For a good vaccination, be sure to use certificated vaccines, to keep them on the right temperature at all times and to handle the animals respecting their behaviour, using best handling practices techniques” 

Murilo Quintiliano, FAI Farms – South America

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Oilseed Rape Coating the Fields

Oilseed rape, a major crop in many parts of the world, is attacked by a wide range of insect pests, many of which are of considerable economic importance. With the increasing demand to reduce agrochemical inputs on arable crops, the Commission of the European Communities supported a three-year programme in which scientific participants reviewed the natural enemies of oilseed rape insect pests.

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Sheep Shearing Begins

Sheep shearing and wool production has been an important part of the UK's sheep industry over the last six thousand years. Today, the value of the wool only just covers the cost of shearing so it is important to keep your overheads down.

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