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British Cattle

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Author(s): Val Porter

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About The Book

Since the eighteenth century British cattle breeds have spread worldwide and have made the names of several counties famous in distant lands. Yet some of those breeds have become extinct and many others have become so rare in their own country that they are in danger of disappearing. In the hope of awakening enthusiasm for the diversity that still makes British cattle so interesting, this book describes all the existing breeds and many of those that have already gone. Diversity is crucial; cattle provide meat, milk, leather, muscle power and a wide range of by-products, and each breed was developed to meet specific demands. Most were perfectly suited to the environment in which they first developed ? be it moorland, island, hill country or lush lowland. Agricultural practices and the markets that farmers serve change, but there will always be a place for good breeds that can meet different needs.

Additional Information

Author N/A
Dimensions 210 x 149mm
Extent 56 pp
ISBN 978-0-7478-0764-3
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  • In the Early Days
  • Longhorns and Shorthorns
  • Wales and England
  • Scotland and Ireland
  • New ?British? Breeds
  • Further Reading
  • Organisations
  • Places to Visit
  • Index