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Dry Period, Special Needs Cows and Treatments

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The long awaited collection of practical information about the most important period in the cow's lactation cycle

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About The Book

  • Dry period, special needs cows and treatments are the main topics that were missing in the Cow Signals series of publications. We are currently preparing this long awaited collection of practical information about the most important period in the cow's lactation cycle, the group of cows with special needs and about the work that has the greatest influence on the health, welfare, production and pleasure of the cows and the workers: Dry period, special needs cows and treatments.
  • Author Jan Hulsen is known for his highly practical and easy to read books, which are famed for the masses of excellent information they provide. Just like earlier editions in the Cow Signals series, this book is bursting with photographs, practical examples, fabulous illustrations and look-think-act pictures designed to challenge and educate the reader.

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Additional Information

Author Jan Hulsen
Dimensions 20.4 x 26.5 cm
Extent 72 Pages & 150 Pictures
ISBN 978-90-8740-073-6
Book Type Softcover



1. Preparation, drying off and treatment

  • Facilities
  • Drying off
  • Drying off and health
  • Drying off and mastitis
  • How to insert intramammary preperations
  • Preparing to introduce heifers
  • Arrival of heifers
  • Writing protocols

2. The dry period

  • The big picture
  • Nutrition during the dry period
  • Feeding and feed intake
  • Housing for dry cows
  • No stress
  • Housing for calving
  • Stress-free cow driving
  • Monitoring and control

3. Calving

  • When to intervene
  • Calving signals
  • Improving all the time
  • Calving assistance
  • Problems during calving
  • Caring for a new-born calf
  • The cow has calved

4. Newly-calved cows, special needs groups, care area

  • Special needs groups
  • Monitoring newly-calved cows
  • Nipping problems in the bud
  • The most serious conditions in newly-calved cows
  • Care plan
  • Cows that can no longer stand up
  • Procedures and treatment plan

5. Planning and organization

  • Daily schedule
  • Weekly schedule
  • Peak periods
  • Standard procedures and protocols
  • Automatic separation
  • Treating safely and effectively
  • Rule 1 Effective Action
  • Gates and driving

6. Action and treatment

  • See and do
  • Treatment plan
  • Pain and inflammation signals
  • Giving an injection
  • Injecting veterinary medicines: procedure
  • Points to remember when giving injections
  • Intravenous injections and infusions (in the blood)
  • Handling cows
  • Organisation the use of veterinary medicines
  • The farm pharmacy
  • Condition Scoring
  • Rumen fill score card
  • careful use of veterinary medicines