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From Calf to Heifer

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Author(s): Jan Hulsen & Berrie Klein Swormink

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About The Book

  • Rearing calves into heifers is a major investment in terms of money and labour. Your dual aims are to turn your heifer into a strong, productive dairy cow and to use labour, housing and feed efficiently. If you achieve these aims, you'll cut the costs of rearing per kilogram of milk.
  • From calf to heifer covers the basics of successful rearing, shows you how to control risks and helps you to structure your work so that each calf automatically receives the best treatment. Calf to heifer is full of sensible tips on how to improve the rearing of calves and yearlings. Written clearly and illustrated with useful photos and Marleen Felius's splendid drawings, this informative handbook is very user-friendly and down to earth.

From calf to heifer (English)
Jongvee (Nederlands)
Jungtiere (Deutsch)
Manejo de la recría (Espanol)
Signes de génisses (Francais)

Additional Information

Author Jan Hulsen & Berrie Klein Swormink
Dimensions 16.7 x 23.5cm (W x H)
Extent 40pp
ISBN 978-90-75280-95-1
Book Type Softcover


Producing dairy cows

  • Investing in the future
  • Age and appropriate care
  • Working with young stock signals
  • Times of risk
  • Standard Procedures

The first few days

  • Before birth
  • The reception area
  • Removing the calf
  • Colostrum: a magic potion
  • Individual pens
  • Scours
  • Treatment of scours

From birth to weaning

  • Keeping calves healthy Calf milk
  • Resistance and hygiene
  • Banishing infectious agents
  • Treatments: careful and clean
  • Solid food
  • Group pen
  • Ready for weaning
  • Assessing condition and rumen

Preparing for pregnancy

  • Vulnerable until the sixth month
  • Respiratory problems
  • Growth, weight and condition
  • Grazing period
  • Grazing naturally
  • Getting in calf
  • Pregnancy testing

The in-calf yearling

  • Look, think, act
  • Rumen fill and dung score
  • Hoof health
  • Mobility
  • Critical observation
  • Knowing and doing
  • Suitable cubicles
  • Final check

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