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Hooves - A Practical Guide for Hoof Health

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Author(s): Monique Bestmanm Marko Ruis, Jos Heijmans, Koos van Middelkoop

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Excl. Tax: £10.90 Incl. Tax: £10.90


About The Book

  • Lame cows are a sign that preventive hoof care can be improved and that earlier treatment would be beneficial. Good hoof management saves you a lot of time and money and spares the cow discomfort. Hooves offers practical help in for achieving good hoof health for your animals.
  • This guide will teach you how to minimise the risks before the first symptoms occur, and help you to respond in a timely and effective fashion to the first signs of hoof problems and increased risks.

Additional Information

Author Monique Bestmanm Marko Ruis, Jos Heijmans, Koos van Middelkoop
Dimensions 16.7 x 23.5cm (W x H)
Extent 40pp
ISBN 978-90-75280-00-5 - English
Book Type Software



Basic principles

  • Success factors 1, 2 and 3
  • Success factor 4: early and effective intervention
  • Result and monitoring
  • Hooves are home-grown
  • Structure and function
  • The ideal
  • Conditions for healthy hooves
  • Hoof haemorrhages/laminitis
  • Hoof load
  • External hazards
  • Tackle the source
  • The main infectious disorders
  • Load-related, nutritional and metabolic disorders

Day-to-day practice

  • Yearling heifers
  • Heifers
  • Cows in lactation
  • Dry cow management
  • The cow in the herd
  • Fights for dominance and housing

Hoof treatments

  • Prevention is worthwhile
  • Intervention
  • Preventive trimming
  • Trimming in three steps
  • Curative trimming
  • Attaching blocks


  • Using information
  • Continue to improe
  • The economic side
  • Observing cows in the milking parlour
  • Management attention
  • Monitor risks
  • Monitor hoof health
  • Record hoof data
  • Monitor lameness
  • Avoid 'farm blindness'

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