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Knowledge and Guides

With a wealth of agricultural knowledge from decades in the agricultural publishing sector, 5m brings you a range of fact sheets and information to supplement our farm supplies.


Chicken Coops Considerations

Ear Tagging Guide

Electric Fence Guide

How to install electric fencing

Electric Fence Maintenance

Horse Keeping Guide

How to Make Compost

How to Store Firewood

Smallholder Bee Keeping

Smallholder Cattle Guide

Smallholder Chicken Guide

Smallholder Duck and Goose Guide

Smallholder Goat Guide

Smallholder Llama and Alpaca Guide

Smallholder Pig Guide

Smallholder Sheep Guide

Solar Powered Gates

Successful Chick Rearing

The Haugh Unit

Techniques to Successfully Slap Mark Pigs

9 Small Changes To Make Your Farming More Sustainable