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Pig Identification

Our range of pig identification tools are suitable for small-holdings and farms alike. Proper identification is a legal requirement when it comes to selling your produce, so it is important to get the right piece of kit for the job. We provide professional pig slap markers that make it quick and easy to tattoo your pigs by promoting the correct technique. This also means there is less chance of tattooing yourself! We also have pig tattoo kits, sets of tattoo letters and numbers, plus meat stamps in a variety of sizes to suit your farming needs.

Always ensure your pig identification is compliant with the latest government regulations.  Regulations from the UK government make it a requirement that all pigs are get a pig shoulder tattoo of the herd number prior to slaughter.  Therefore it's important to be up to speed with the relevant pig identification laws and prepare in advance for getting your animals to slaughter.

SLap Marker Kit for the SmallholderSlap Marker Kit for Commercial Farms

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