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Yields of Farmed Species: Constraints and Opportunities in the 21st Century

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Author(s): Wiseman And Sylvester-Bradley

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About The Book

Can we expect the dramatic increases of the last century to continue? What are the yield potentials of the species which are farmed now? How will new technologies affect yields achieved in future decades? To what extent will pests, pathogens, competing demands for resources, or scruples about farming processes, curtail our ability to innovate in the production of food? Solutions to these and other issues are debated in this volume.

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Dimensions Unknown
Extent 652 pp
ISBN 9781904761235
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  • Do we need higher farm yields during the first half of the 21st century?
  • Impact of liberalisation of food and land markets on agrarian land use in the EU
  • Crop improvement technologies for the 21st century
  • Reproductive rate in farm animals
  • Allying genetic and physiological innovations to improve productivity of wheat and other crops
  • Limits to yield of farm species
  • Global warming and agriculture
  • Limits to efficiencies of primary production
  • The future of chemical crop protection
  • Plant breeding in the 21st century
  • Future wheat yields: evidence, theory and conjecture
  • The rise and fall of grain legumes and their predicted yields in UK agriculture
  • Physiological and technological limits to yield improvement of potatoes
  • Yield of UK oilseed rape
  • Productivity, biodiversity and sustainability
  • Physiological limitations, nutrient partitioning
  • Livestock yield trends
  • Epidemiology of livestock diseases
  • Livestock - genomics and productivity
  • Yield trends in UK dairy and beef cattle
  • Yield of sheep
  • Livestock yields now and to come: pigs
  • Limits to the performance of poultry
  • Nutritional value and yield of forages for livestock
  • Possible futures for agriculture in Northern Europe during a policy of reform
  • Future directions for productivity in UK agriculture
  • Index